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mBuino and eDice out of stock?


Any notion when they’ll be back?

Got my KS mBuino, but I’m already thinking I may want to pick up a few more. Given the availability of SPI, I may see if I can use mBuino to drive some WS2811 blinkies. :slight_smile:


We are waiting for mbed and actually five or more products are coming to the website…and they are all great and must have.


Nice! Looking forward to it. I think Outrageous Circuits is a cool idea, and it’s easy (probably too easy) to convince myself to drop ten bucks for a cool board that can be used out of the box, or repurposed. :slight_smile:


@ devhammer - They will be available to purchase this weekend, we just finished sending out the last of the rewards. Plus a few more added this next week.