Mbot load new code

Hey all,

I have been away from this forum for way too long. I now have some new mbot code to load and I can’t seem to get my mac to recognize the mbot at all. For the mBuino the CRP DISABLE mount is created under /Volumes. I have to reset the USB cable (unplug, plug in) and hit the reset button for 2 seconds.

For the mbot it does not seem to work at all. Any suggestions?

When I release the reset button the rovot goes back to running the default firmware.


DaddyOh aka Eric

After a lot of playing I got it.

Disconnect the USB, reconnect.

press and hold btn1 then btn2 and hold both for at least 2 seconds. Does not work all the time but well enough I will stay with the mac on this one.

Please see step 2 here