mBed + NETMF Micro?

Does there exist yet a micro design that will support both mBed or NETMF with only a different bootloader? This would be very nice for educational projects.

I am trying Game-O as an offline mBed’able board. Making some good progress.


Cool. Looking forward to hearing more about it. I haven’t explored the hardware requirements for making an mBed board yet. Are you having to modify anything hardware-wise on the Game-O to make it work or is everything already compatible and its just a software problem at this point?

For my future reference and others not familiar with Game-O since its no longer in the store…

@ ianlee74 - there are two sides to mbed, loading the new firmware and compiling the firmware. As for compiling, game a look at what processors they have supported. As dirty loading, it shouldn’t be extremely hard but you can do it with some work. Note that you can make your own boot loader.

That sound like a very interesting project! I would be very interesting in hearing about your experience and challenges doing that, esp around the boot loader.

@ ianlee74 - No hardware changes are needed. Right now I am finishing with FSMC for the display. I want to use to debug bootloader. And if final bootloader is not very big might leave it there as well.

@ taylorza - It is very interesting. Have a lot of ideas. Definitely will share.

@ ianlee74

I think you can compile MBED firmware on FEZ Cerb40. But only with offline compiler and with just a few adjustments in pin mapping and scatter file.
Also you can debug your code only by ST-Link debugger.

What about going the other direction? Since the Nucleo board is readily available and is based on the Cortex M4, also… Has anyone tried putting NETMF on it?

STI did. You can download the port from STI site.

All I can find on their site about NETMF is an article about the Mountaineer boards.


Was there something else that you are thinking of?

OK. It is actually for Discovery, not Nucleo

I think it’s possible to replace on ST-Nucleo-F401RE or ST Nucleo F411RE boards MCU with 405/407. Or compile some small footprint NetMF to fit 512 KB ROM. But as i know latest device code for STM32F4 is still not available for the public. But in general i agree, would be interesting board with integrated STLink debugger and with costs below 20$.