May be of interest

I’ve installed TinyClr on the MINI-M4 board. Working perfectly with minor change in firmware oscillator clock frequency.

Due to the lack of boot0 pin (tied gnd) I used ST-LINK to deploy and it worked great.

 ClrInfo.targetFrameworkVersion :
 SolutionReleaseInfo.solutionVendorInfo: Copyright (C) GHI Electronics, LLC
 SoftwareVersion.BuildDate: May 11 2013
 SoftwareVersion.CompilerVersion: 410894
 LCD.Width: 0
 LCD.Height: 0
 LCD.BitsPerPixel: 0
 Ping... TinyCLR
  Sector               Start               Size               Usage
     0            0x08000000          0x0000c000   Bootstrap
     1            0x0800c000          0x00004000   Configuration
     2            0x08010000          0x00010000   Code
     3            0x08020000          0x00080000   Code
     4            0x080a0000          0x00060000   Deployment


Wow that’s awesome! So you can now deploy code to your Mini-m4 using Visual Studio?

Were there any other changes required?

@ jourdant - Really I’ve modified some pin assignement for SPI and I2C, but you can flash Cerberus firmware without any problem. You need STLINK and use HEX file, no way to use DFU (boot0 is tied to gnd). The nice stuff with MINI-M4 is that it’s compatible with EasyPIC V7 and so you can attach mikroe boards and use them.

I have also other boards from Mikroe and I’m very happy now that I have Mikromedia+ for STM32 working very nice with NETMF, but I’ve not finished yet the porting of all peripherals on board. I failed internal ethernet due to clock castrains that I can’t obtain with NETMF, for now.

@ dobova this is great news!! I think this is exactly what I’m looking for.

With the Cerberus firmware AFAIK hibernate/low power mode hasn’t been implemented yet. Is that correct? Do you think that would be hard to implement on this device??

My plan is to use this device as a ultra low power sensor that I can wake up once a day to broadcast some sensor data on xbee. How applicable would this application be? The small form factor is also a requirement and this board looks perfect!

@ jourdant - I don’t know too much about low power mode. But I don’t think it’s really a big issue to implement knowing where and how to take action. But here in the forum there are many stm32 guys that may help you.