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Max3421e via SPI using Fez Panda II with micro framework


Hi, eveybody

I wish to use a sparkfun usb shield within max3421e via spi with a Fez Panda II.

Some body can help me?, I have searched a lot on internet but i have not found any thing that can help me.

I know that i can use that usb host build on my Fez Panda II but i would want use sparkfun usb shield.

Thanks in advance



Panda already has a USB host function that is a million times better than max3421


Hi Guz

I agree with you, totally. But I wish to do it like a personal challenge, like a SPI exercise programming.

I’m actually using USB host function and is very great to use with a HID device.


I wish I could help you, but I can’t spend the time helping someone implement functionality that is already build into the board. Besides, if I helped you, it would not be a personal challenge.

But… Sparkfun provides Arduino code for the board. All you have to do is translate the code in MF C#.


Hi Mike.

It’s not my priority, in a some time i’ll try to spend some time in that.

I have arduino boards (uno and mega) but I am a .net senior programmer and I’m very happy to use a .net micro framework board based like Panda II and i am moving my arduino developments to Fez Panda II.

Best regards!


The chip driver will be the least of your problems.

You will have to write your own USB stack as the chip only sends/receives the USB packets, the assembly/decoding of the packets will be up to you…