Max Current for EMX (FEZ) IO

What is the max current draw GPIO pins can handle on FEZ Spider/Cerberus/Hydra, etc?

I’ve been searching and looking at schematics, but have not found the answer and am more of a software guy anyway, just need to know the basics. Thx!

40 mA typically

4mA not 40mA.

40mA was on old 5V micros. Anything new is under $10mA.

whoa, I better go easy on my hello-world GPIO LED then. :slight_smile: Sounds like a transistor is defacto.

MaxO module lets you connect 32 LEDs with ease :slight_smile:

You can use low current LEDs (2 mA) without a transistor:

Whoa is right.

@ Gus, this would be good data to add to the mainboard product/developer pages. Or even better, print it right on the mainboards. This question used to come up alot but not as often since Gadgeteer.