Material to screw in modules

I need some material to screw in modules and Spider. What can I use?
I found this: How do you call it? Where can I buy it?
Is there anything else suitable to use it?

How about these standoffs:

@ Makla - Also check reply from @ Brett in the following thread:

My mistake. I didn’t ask the question correct, but I think I get my answer.
I think I need Tamiya base plate.
I don’t need screws, but the plate where the screws go.

So, is there anything else then Tamiya?

@ Makla


GHI might start offering something soon as well.

@ Makla - stevep

edit…16 secs too late lol

Thanks, I will go through his web page. But the ship costs will not be small. Probably more then the value of the order.
Someone knows alternative, maybe anything in Europe?

the wife’s chopping board and a drill :smiley:

find a local hackerspace or CNC owner who can create you one or let you create one yourself.

The Tamiya boards are the easiest to find commercial solution here. Many places seem to offer them, even here in Australia, but I don’t know about availability in Europe

@ Brett - Tamiya boards are easy to get in Europe.

@ Makla - count me as another fan of the Tamiya boards, if you think shipping from devonboard would be prohibitive.

Steve’s got a MUCH better variety of boards available, particularly since several are templated for GHI boards, but the Tamiya boards have been my mainstay since they’re cheap and easy to find.

I had problems with translating, but I think I found it:

I bought my tamiya board on ebay. It was cheap for me ( I live in Europe), just 16$ including shipping costs! :slight_smile: