Massive Gadgeteer and NETMF sale

(updated 2016-09-26)

Unwilling to recycle, but also don’t want to clog my drawers, so maybe somebody wants to get some stuff at half-or-less the stock price. Mostly used for education, so barely used at all. Every Gadgeteer module gets a cable, too.

Prices are per-item. Shipping should also be at sane levels, like $15 worldwide tracked or so (depending on weight).

FEZ Raptor x4, $39.95
FEZ Hydra x1, $1.95
FEZ Hydra+ x1, $1.95
FEZ Spider (EMX-based) x9, $29.95
FEZ Spider (EMX-based, soldered by me) x7, $9.95
FEZ Cerberus x5, $1.95

Tunes x16, $1.95
Ethernet ENC28 x18, $6.95
USB Client DP x10, $9.95
USB-Serial SP x10, $7.95
Moisture x8, $5.95
LightSense x15, $1.95
TempHumid SI70 x13, $6.95
TempHumid (Old, SHT11-based) x5, $6.95
Button x10, $0.95
Joystick x15, $1.95
SD Card (micro) x10, $1.95
Display T43 x3, $29.95
LED7C x13, $0.95
Smart Multicolor Led (Daisylink) x12, $1.95
Display N18 x14, $6.95
Character Display x10, $5.95

BrainPad x2, $14.95
[em]-FEZ Lemur x0, $9.95[/em]
Netduino 2 x1, (whatever you offer)

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@ Simon from Vilnius -

SD Card (micro)

Where did you get a micro-sd card module? Ive only ever seen the standard SD card ones.

(edit: obviously you got it from GHI… I was just surprised it ever existed!)

Yeah, I never really understood the move to MacroCD slots :slight_smile:

P.S. updated first post — some goods are gone already.

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I’ll take the following if you still have them:

  1. FEZ Cobra II (G120-based) with ENC28 wired Ethernet + Extension Board - 1 @ 39.95
  2. Tunes - 2 @ $1.95
  3. CP7, the mighty 7" LCD display with capacitive touch - 1 @ $39.95
  4. Display T43 - all 3 @ $29.95
  5. Display N18 - 5 @ $6.95

So if my math is correct, before tax should be $208.40… Let me know how to place my order.

Updating the list. Also found 2 pcs. of FEZ Cream (kind of Gadgeteer, but on RPi).

FEZ Spider (EMX-based) x4 (you also get one home-made Spider for free), $29.95
FEZ Hydra x1, $1.95
FEZ Hydra+ x1, $1.95

Tunes x10, $1.95
Ethernet ENC28 x11, $6.95
USB Client DP x6, $9.95
USB-Serial SP x9, $7.95
Moisture x8, $5.95
LightSense x12, $1.95
TempHumid SI70 x10, $6.95
TempHumid (Old, SHT11-based) x4, $6.95
Button x2, $0.95
Joystick x10, $1.95
SD Card (micro) x5, $1.95
LED7C x11, $0.95
Smart Multicolor Led (Daisylink) x10, $1.95
Display N18 x3, $6.95
Character Display x7, $5.95


BrainPad x3, $14.95
FEZ Cream x2, $9.95
Netduino 2 x1, (whatever you offer)