Mapping of PWMChannel to CerbinuoBee Physical Header or CpuPin for NETMF 4.2

Can someone tell me where to find simple documentation of the mapping between the NETMF 4.2 PWMChannels and the CerbuinoBee physical pins (e.g., either the header pins and/or the actual CPU pin)?

Seems like such a simple question but I’ve spent nearly a day trying to locate the information.

GHI – You make great hardware but your documentation of this (and other) obvious physical to virtual mappings is frustrating to say the least. I’d expect something like the CerbFamily Developer’s Guide to address stuff like this but it doesn’t.

Thanks in Advance!

John Robertson

Additional Note: I’m interested in the general NETMF use, not just the Gadgeteer.


PWMChannel0 - PWMChannel15

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@ JohnRobertson - Please make sure to use the document feedback link and send us any comments that you have.

Justin – THANKS! Solved my immediate issue.

Gus – Lets start with the obvious. Where is the document feedback link?

Searching forums and documents for “document feedback” or “feedback” does not return anything obvious other than similar complaints about documentation quality (e.g., topic: ghi and document quality)

Took me 15 minutes to realize there’s a link at the bottom of each document. I’ll provide some specific comments on your “Cerb Developer Guide” and “How to Find” documents.

Perhaps a documentation category in the forums would be helpful. It would also be helpful to reference the SDK version used for every code sample.

It’s Gary not Gus. ;D

Code samples should be for the latest SDK. However, I believe there is also something mentioned about this on Task Tracker.

Sorry Gary! :-[

@ JohnRobertson - lol… no big deal, I see that you have already started to submit feedback. Some of the things you have mentioned you can find using the schematic but we are going to look at giving users an easier way.

I have no problem reading the schematic and I have been using it.

However, unless I’m really missing something, the schematic does not tell we what connection Cpu.PWMChannel.PWM_0 corresponds to.

PWMs are certainly hidden. That is why I love the original Cerb40 document as a reference… and when this was originally put together, we had similar docs for all the boards that called this stuff out.

Things like confirmation of SPI and PWM and Analog channels (how the “HAL” maps them into the framework ) is very important.