Many parts out of stock

Is anyone else noticing that there is a severe lack of stock on a number of discrete components? I use Element14 and Mouser and a larger number of the capacitors I use are all out of stock and on long lead times. I’ve also sound a number of transistors I use are also out of stock and on long lead times.

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Good economy!

Oh wow, I thought that was just me and my ignorance. Yes I’ve noticed it on Arrow and Mouser.

Yea I got same sensation, fortunately my customer is in close relation with Arrow and something can get, but not all parts. And more fortunately is not my duty to buy components at the moment … :sunglasses:

Yep, and I just saw a 10uF 0805 from Arrow that has a pipeline due date of January 2021.

Same here in Italy. Passive components with allocation times of 6+ months.

Ok scary. Does anyone know why this is happening?


EDIT: Did the google work. Demand is just up for the components, and with rising prices components are in short supply. This is going to affect everything :frowning:

Interesting article…

Big numbers :hushed:

critical because Yageo counts for 34% of global resistor monthly capacity of 3.6 trillion pieces

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That is a lot of capacitors!!! Where have you been I thought you were on a winter snow skiing trip.

I always enjoy the learnin’ :monkey_face:

Head down arse up with too much to do…


Might have to start doing some Friday show and tell again :kissing_heart:

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I don’t know what the discussion about a parts shortage is about. I was at the supermarket today, and there was a large selection of wings, legs and thighs. :grin:


Dah Mike,

It’s a shortage of passives…Wings, legs and thighs move :joy:

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Trump’s trade war with China?

Well at least in the mean time I can still buy capacitor/resistor booklets from Amazon.

EDIT: Seeed Studio claims that they have a large inventory so their open parts list will be unaffected.

That’s the reasoning people throw around at my office. I don’t understand the full story myself.

Luckily we were able to swoop in and by one of the last lots of a mosfet we desperately needed. Strange times it would seem to one who only started buying components about a year ago.

Happens often?

From what I read from various articles, it that it does happen every so often. Normally, manufactures however increase capacity to offset the demand. This time however they might not do it (based on the articles), because they aren’t sure if the demand will hold out.