Manipulating digital IO using EMX and RLP


I am trying switch digital IO in RLP mode. I’ve been through the proceedure described in the tutorial for using RLP with the Keil demo software. I anticipate that it will be a very small bit of code. I can’t find, or, at least, don’t understand the existing bits of code which do this and I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction by showing me an example line if code which simply sets a pin or clears one and also let me know which header files I need.

Thanks very much.

That demo uses RLPLite not RLP.

Look for RLP extensions in RLP documentations.

Sets a pin as output, PinNumber being the pin.


Writes a value of 1 to a pin:


You can look in the RLP help files for more info. See the bottom of this page: