Managing multiple development environments

I am in the process of making the jump to Windows 10. I use a Mac Book Pro running Windows. I have just purchased a 2TB SSD, I have successfully virtualized my current Win 7 environment and I will move that into my Windows 10 so I can continue to access it while I transition everything over to Windows 10. (My old HDD was 1TB split 250GB Mac/750 Win 7. New SSD is 200GB Mac/1800GB Win 10)

Here is my question. On the Microsoft Studio side I have VS 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2013. Adding 2015 now that I am on Win10. I also have various other development environments for other products. How do others handle multiple tools and future upgrades, either OS or hardware? Does it make sense to use multiple virtual environments? Am I still better off just keeping it all in one?

Maybe there is no right answer. I am hoping to get some insight from my esteemed fellow embedded developers.


@ skeller - I can not directly answer your question but make sure that all your (external) development hardware,if any, is functioning under windows 10. After upgrading my laptop from win7 to win10 i run into problems with the WiFi adapter. Adhoc mode stopped working as well as an USB to RS232 adapter didn’t work anymore by the lack of a win10 driver

I haven’t bothered with VMs for several years (no need). So, I can’t address that. My question for you to ask yourself, though, is do you really need all those versions of Visual Studio? You can probably get by just fine having just VS2013 & VS2015. Of course, if your business makes tools for Visual Studio and you need to test against all those versions then that’s one thing. But, VS is really good these days about being able to open projects created in older versions of VS.

@ ianlee74 - I am working on dropping 2010 and 2012, I am not going to install them in Win10. If I need them I will use them through the VM. I still use 2008 for Win CE 6.0 development, it is my understanding that it is the last version to support it. I hope I can even install 2008 on Win10. I need to find my install discs, if I can’t I will have to re-new my MSDN subscription.


I have VS 2008 running under Win10 for an old legacy VB app and it works fine. It was actually there when I was running Windows 7 and it still works after the upgrade to Win 10.

I have vs 6.0 (for legacy MFC apps I support), vs 2008 (for legacy windows Mobile 5/6 apps I support), vs 2012, 2013, and 2015. I uninstalled 2010 (it didnt have any unique reason to keep it)

I dont have any issues with the multiple environments.

I normally only use one Version of VS.
Since VS2010 the C# Project files stays compatible with older versions (2010…2015)
So as Long as the Project does not use any new stuff from new VS (like newer .NET Framework or language features) it will work.
But if some VS plugin is not Jet available for new VS then I usually wait for it.
Also for NETMF (not Gadgeteer) I do not have any issues using VS2015.