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Mama shield


This will look good on Panda ;D






Wow… nice.


This whole shield thing is getting a bit out of hand…


I think MS is trying something along the same lines with the Gadgeteer project. I think I might like MSs connection model. I don’t know if you can daisy chain boards like this, but I suspect it can. Should not have to wait too much longer.


cant we just stack the shields on top of each other? couldnt that be easier?

(unless there is some multiplexing going on…)


No. The Arduino team will not rest until there are 45 inch tracks going over at least 3,000 physical connection points.


This is getting totally out of hand. :smiley:


In general stacking PCB designs stink. You can’t ever really go more than two boards without issues. Even if you manage to not have conflicting signals on multiple boards you mind with with the leaning tower pf PCBs. I have a Galil PCI motion control card in a machine I built. It has a daughter board that is 2/3 the size of the main PCI card. It makes for a very cumbersome unit that will unplug itself if your motherboard is vertical. Did I mention I’m not a fan of stacking designs?

I was really happy to see the Microsoft Gadgeteer devices that all plugged together with simple ribbon cables, a much better design IMHO.


First time I heard of that. Looks good. But at some point you’ll get a giant spider. They would need some kind of platform to organize the layouts. And when using cables, I think it will be easier to make/use some enclosures


the only real stackable shield system I have liked so far. Not exactly fez or usable by most here :>


Yes, because the only problem I have with domino is that I cannot make a enclosure for it… Since it’s so variable. It’s always laying on the desk or else where… :frowning:


[quote]the only real stackable shield system I have liked so far. Not exactly fez or usable by most here :>

So any time you have to change one thing you have to take every freaking thing apart? No thanks. I’ve seen this same idea come and go for the last 25 years and they never last.


Yeah you don’t change much in it Jeff. In fact i have never taken my stack apart. Which by the way is a simple as removing one side adding or removing a card and the putting the side back on.


What exactly is the point of something like this that has massive long traces going everywhere? To me, this looks like this whole shield thing has gone out of control :wink: