Male Headers

Does anyone know the DigiKey part #s for standard male .1" headers in 1 and 2 row varieties? The only ones I can find that appear to be them are only available in qty of thousands… I’m looking for them in a low quantity option and really don’t want to place a separate order just for these most common of parts. :frowning:

I just bought some of these:

similar, I bought a pile of single-row 40-pin strips some years ago now from ebay, and I bought male and female variants of them - and just run two adjacent rows when needed.

I’ve used these 1-row headers (tin-plated):

Here’s a 2-row version (gold flash):

Gold’s generally better but more expensive. Tin’s not bad either. Whatever you choose, make sure you don’t mix metal types. I.e, gold male headers should go with gold receptacles, tin headers with tin receptacles.

That’s a huge difference in price.
For 10 x 40way double row headers, Digikey costs $21.56 plus postage, while the Chinese ones will be $1.65 delivered!

I’ve bought the eBay ones before, and they are good quality gold-flash.
I buy a lot of stuff from Digikey too, but I usually wait until I have over $200 worth so I get free delivery to Australia.

Thanks guys. I normally buy them on eBay as well but for a NashMicro project I’m working on we’ll be ordering several parts and I wanted to simplify things and order everything from a single source. Looks like I’ll be ordering these from eBay. That’s an insane price difference. Heck, they’re “only” $1.50 from SparkFun!

I have been able to get them from here Headers as well.

You mean like this?
Or this(slightly cheaper)

Sorry, these are sockets. Missread the first post. Be right back…

They this. It should be my search results. I hope…

Else this:

@ GMod - That looks a little more like it. It’s amazing how you can come up with such different results on DigiKey if you find the right place to look. I’ll look into that more tonight. Thanks.

Man I just had the same problem on Digikey last week. I ended up putting in an order with Mouser that I [em]thought [/em]was single row headers… somehow ended up with a bunch of crimp on contacts instead.

I’ll probably jump on those eBay deals and stock up!

DigiKey has an extremely powerful filtering interface I’ve never had issues using. Here are all the single-row, unshrouded, 0.1" pitch headers, sorted by single-quantity price, ascending: