Making a topic a question

When you create topics you can now choose “This is a technical question that requires an answer.” This flags the topic as a question so users will know if it’s question and if it’s been answered. This allows the topic creator to select which reply is the best answer which will reward the user.

nice one :wink:

What where is the answer button? Can you attach an image josh?

That’s a new question. You’ll need to submit a new thread so Josh can get credit for answering it :wink:

Yeah, a good way to test it lol.

Will I be able mark another post if it would be a better answer after I have already marked one before?

Is an answer post visualy different from the rest?

The topic creator may mark/unmark at any time. Points will be rewarded/removed upon these actions. Only one reply may be checkmarked at a time. Checkmarking another reply will undo the last checkmark and apply the new one. You may not choose your own reply :wink:

Cool. I have just tried it on one of my old threads. Works as you have described it!

How did you do that? I don’t see any options on my previously created threads.

Hit Edit on any of the threads you started and check the box…

Ah! Thanks.

Suggestion - once there is an answer to a question it would be nice if it were repeated as the first reply so it’s no longer necessary to wade through all the replies to find it. Some of these threads can get rather lengthy.

While that seems like a good idea it may distort the answer. You can’t think of each post as an aswer. It’s more of a discussion towards the right answer. Having the answer follow the question would most likely be confusing. Instead we added a link to the topic so you can jump to the answer if you wish.

Sounds like a good plan.

One other issue I see is that people either aren’t aware that they need to mark answers as answers or they just aren’t thinking about it once they have an answer. Sometimes I even see the poster post a reply that says “Thanks! That’s what I was looking for!” but never mark the answer. Will you admins be taking the liberty of marking it for them so it’s obvious which questions still need to be answered and to give the user their points?

or if i may suggests, showed them a reminder in the form of a Light box (POPUP) when they try to post a new question…
something saying hey you have about 1 post you didn’t mark please mark your answer with a link to that post of course.


Hey Josh. this user says he can’t see the Check box on his post …

is that a bug?


The thing I love about marking an answer is that it recognises someone who helped out. The thing I hate about that (in other places) is that it almost becomes a “signature”; something like “If you like my answer please mark this as the Answer”. Recognition of help is great, answering and helping people is what i get a buzz out of too, but there’s a balance…

Can I ask on the unread items list that [question] and [answered] are shown too? The text there should reflect the header you see when you open the post.

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