Making a Sensor Bus Capable

Can someone identify the chip used here? I need to basically do the same thing and take an analog sensor and put it on an I2C or SPI bus so that I can chain many (32+) together. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

ATtiny45 is the answer to your question.

I would just look to use a DL40 or the Cortex M0 that it uses. The DL framework is ideal for this.

I was hoping for more of a plug & play IC that wouldn’t require custom firmware :frowning: I guess that will work.

The ATtiny solution they use is the same, still a custom firmware.

You might be able to find a generic I2C device but the chances of finding one that just reports back an analog voltage on a certain pin is pretty low, which is what cheap micros are also good for, but require you to do a bit of work.

This begs the question… Has anyone ported a DL equivalent to Arduino?

I have my Piezo DL module based on Arduino somewhere.

I would probably use a couple of 16 channel analog multiplexers in your project.

I have my Piezo DL module based on Arduino somewhere. [/quote]

I’m thinking more about the master side of things.

That’s actually how it’s currently wired. We’re looking to convert it to a more modular system that uses fewer pins.

I have not tried it, but in theory the FEEZ Medusa librariries should be able to do DL, I seem to remember seeing the DL classes in the code, I will double check when I get to my machine.

That would be cool. I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t yet written my first Medusa project :frowning:

Both Medusa and Lynx support DaisyLink. The DL40 driver is provided in the SDK released yesterday.

Nice! I’ll look into that.

The DL40 looks like it has 5 pins that can be used as analog inputs, is that right?

@ wolfbuddy - The DL40 has 6 pins available that can be used for Analog Input.


Do you think it will work with something as small as an ATTiny45? The Cortex M0 is going to be too expensive for this project. If you could share your Arduino DL code, that would be great to study.

Ah yes, I see the others now.

What about PIO1_2 and PIO1_3? They look like they could be used as analog inputs too, which would make 8 in total. AD0-AD7

@ ianlee74 - ATtiny44A

PIO1_2 is downstream pin used for the DaisyLink protocol so it is not available as a analog input

PIO1_3 can potentially be used but it also has the SWIO function used for native debugging and is on the DL40’s downstream socket so just for convenience it was not supported in the DL40IO firmware. There is a custom build that supports this if required.

@ taylorza - Thank you for the info.

@ wolfbuddy - It is a pleasure.