Maker Faire - Why is GHI not listed?

I was just looking at the list of exhibitors at the Faire, and I did not see GHI listed?

Has the Arduino group done something nasty?


I only filled up some draft to make sure we have something in but I never got a chance to update the listing :). We had some crazy month

Maybe they hacked the listings to get rid of GHI. Otherwise they would get owned :smiley:

Can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when they walk by our both? It is going to be like a kid at Disney land :smiley:

I wanted to be there, only that long swim and walk holding me back.

when do you come to the main land (europe) to show off your amazing stuff?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!
[title]Pics and video plz![/title]

and tweets [url][/url] lol

Gus, make sure you use something like Tweetdeck. That way, you can track it when people are talking about you, like I am now.

I have to learn how to use twitter first lol

Don’t forget to take the team to Time Square, and see a good Boardway show!

No time fir that and only me and Robert are going. Next year we will get bigger area and more GHI developers. This is our first maker faire so it is a trial still

I am curious to see “who” and “what” is at the Faire.

I am not sure what to expect…

BTW: I consider Gus and Robert to be in the “who” catagory, althought after meeting them that might change.