Maker faire tomorrow

As a last minute plan, I and Gary Will be visiting the fair. We have couple important meetings but you may find us at Microsoft’s tent. They are showing off their latest teaching curriculum on our gadgeteer kits.

If you can make it, we would love to meet you all in person. If not, we will take some pictures for you.

Maker faire at NY hall of science this weekend.

By the way, if you are close to Nashville, Ian lee will be at their maker faire as well. He has some great demos and if you ask nicely he may show you his sexy medusa!

Great! I will see you gentlemen at the fair.

*** I will be there today (Saturday)

Take a lot of pictures from both events! :slight_smile:

@ Architect - looks like you decided not to be at the faire. I am on the subway on t,he way to thr faire.

a mariachi is playing in front of me. lol

Yeah, we decided not to go at the last time :frowning:

at the faire

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Cool! Show us the gadgets!

@ Gus please ask Microsoft to increase the release frequency of netmf.

Dang, you posted my next statement.

If we see it, wouldn’t we turn to stone?

Couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

We had a great first Faire! I had our Gadgeteer training kids loaded up with Pong for the kids to play with on one side of our tent and we had kids building their own Sonic Screwdrivers on the other side of the tent. It was one of the more popular exhibits. Nashville will definitely be having another Faire next year and I expect it will be much larger and even better. I’m already starting to make plans.

And, yes, I showed off Medusa to quite a few interested folks.

Our Sonic Screwdrivers:


@ ianlee74 - Looks like a nice sized crowd!

We had 3000. Not bad for a first year. I’m looking forward to tripling that next year :smiley: Here are most of the outside exhibits in 2 mins…

@ ianlee74 -

Thanks SO much for the motion sickness :slight_smile: [/ol]

1/4 speed playback very helpful in this case!

Was that a Delta 3D printer?

Yes, its a Kossel. That’s actually one that I’m building and hope to see print by the end of this week :slight_smile:

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That is a nice printer!

Thanks. I look forward to seeing it print!

Channel 9 @ NY Maker Faire

3:30 - Gadgeteer
4:20 - GHI mentioned (Is that Gary in the background?)

Yep that is Gary