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Maker Box Monthly


Here’s a new idea. I might have to try it for a couple months and see what sort of interesting stuff they throw in.




Yes, it does look interesting, but I’m also a bit skeptical. I have a suspicion it just someone looking what they can buy cheap in bulk on Alibaba and then making it up into boxes.

If its just regular modules one can buy anyway yourself, then I would rather buy my own. But its all new stuff that designers wish to test on the market, then it might be very interesting.

If they are clever, they would make sure the first few boxes is full of great value for money stuff and then publish the contents of these boxes on their website. So non-subscribers will be enticed to enroll as well.

But as it is, I feel I hardly have enough time to give all my existing toys the care and love they deserve. It would be unfair on them to keep bringing in new ones to distract me even further.


@ KiwiSaner - I was thinking that if this works out then they would hopefully be able to partner with parts makers and use this as a way to get new parts out into the wild and have people build things with it and (hopefully) write about it somewhere.

This could indeed be a problem. I’m distracted all too often by impulse parts purchases. I can’t imagine how bad it would be if I didn’t even have to hit “buy” to get the parts to arrive :slight_smile:


How do they propose to send everyone $50 worth of stuff for $30-$35 each month?

Edit: 1 post on the “blog” (in August), no meaningful information anywhere, yeah, I wouldn’t waste my $35 yet.


I suspect their $50 value comes from Radio Shack or SparkFun singles prices which can be 100s of percents above the high qty price. Combine that with companies giving them samples for free and I suppose its possible. Of course, this is all just an idea at this point. I don’t think there’s any place to spend your money yet until they launch their Kickstarter.