Make $$$ with a Gadgeteer-Propeller Contest

This is still in planning but we like to share something with you today (on a FEZ Friday)!

Have you ever wanted to make something like this?

or this (easier BTW)

Well, we have made you a “propeller module” with any gadgeteer mainboard. It is actually a daisylink module so you can add multiple as you wish. The module has its own 50Mhz 32bit processor to tightly control the LED sequencing, with a hall effect trigger at the end to trigger and sync drawing through the wheel/LED speed. All you need to do is mount this on a spinning motor.

If you noticed, the module is the exact same size as the battery pack module and FEZ Hydra, but you can mount different-size modules as well.

What is the plan? We will host a contest for the best creation made with this module and gadgeteer for a nice $$$ prize. We know you want this module even if it wasn’t for the contest :slight_smile:

GHI will provide a starting up C-code project for the processor that goes on the processor but contestants may want to modify that code to whatever they see fits. Of course the code has to be shared back the same way we are sharing our code, Apache 2.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions for the contest? Timeline? Prizes? Ideas?

Now that is sweet! Love the idea. Is that a Hydra under the batt pack?
Ive got an idea for this but im afraid im about as good at writing C as I am able to land a 747 with my eyes closed.

@ Gus - oi, no fair i thought i had tm’d Fridays :whistle:

cool module, might have to try one using a slip ring…

erm… should i ask? :smiley:

@ HughB - settle down sunshine, i don’t play those games :smiley:

@ Justin - :wink:
Im really looking forward to see what pople put forward for this.

@ Gus - Did you guys try it? How well is it balanced?

I have a clock based on a similar design works great.

Yeah, will be a giggle a minute :smiley:

Will do soon. The boards were right off the oven when I posted.

Oh, man… I’ve always wanted to build a POV display but its one of those projects I’ve yet to have time to work on. Unfortunately, I’m totally booked for time until mid-May. So, I would love to see this as a summer-long contest.

That is freaking slick! :slight_smile:

I have a twinkling of an idea…anyone know the rough minimum rpm for the magic to start working?

LED strip mounted to a slip ring with a small motor on the module for sure. you don’t want to spin the whole thing.

On a side note, here’s a related project that will be in a local art show I’m participating in Kathy Marmor, Mike Fortney and Wesley Wright - User Required

You can be sure I’ll be asking these guys about technical details…

@ ransomhall - cool link - ta

While that exhibit looks very cool, I’m curious where it becomes art vs. just setting up a BikePOV you can buy from Adafruit. I look forward to hearing back about if they do anything that separates it from just being a gadget stuck on a tripod. :slight_smile:

Can you please make schematics available for the Propeller module? Thanks!

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I can’t believe this was a year ago… I was really looking forward to this one.

@ Architect - let me see what I can dig up in the morning

@ Gary - Great! Thanks.

@ architect - if you’re planning on doing a oshpark (or similar) run for this, let me know.