Make: Introduction to Gadgeteer

I can’t wait to see it. You may have noticed the domain on the display boards. This is a new site that I’m building in parallel to the videos that will be vendor agnostic and where I’ll keep a running list of all modules from all vendors/makers. There will also be mainboard & module reviews and an opportunity for community members to rate & discuss modules w/o fear of being banned from a vendor’s site. This may seem somewhat redundant but I think it’s important for the community to have a place that’s not affiliated w/ any large vendor. Each module will also have a link to “buy” that will send the user back to GHI or wherever they need to go to purchase the module. Have you considered an affiliate program? :wink: More to come on this soon. Initial artwork for the logo is supposed to arrive Monday…

How different is it going to be from main Gadgeteer site?

  1. It will have the ability to post reviews of the modules

  2. It will not be affiliated with Microsoft, GHI, or any other large vendor. I believe this will be more accepting to people that are hesitant to try Gadgeteer because they believe it’s a Microsoft product.

  3. It will be up-to-date. The Microsoft site is notoriously out of date. For example, I see no Ingenuity Micro modules… It will be my mission to keep this new site updated daily with all hardware, project, & general news announcements from all vendors.

  4. You will be able to filter the views of my data based on vendor, socket type, etc.

  5. My data will be available to everyone for free consumption in your own sites/apps via feeds.

All of this will likely not be available on day one and I have a ton of ideas beyond this that will make the site a very useful companion to the currently available sites.

Our page is controlled by the community, not GHI and no one else. With some guidelines and rules obviously.

I know that and you know that but having a site to do reviews of hardware that has no direct association with the manufacturers of those modules is a win for everyone I believe. Let me clarify also that currently I have no plans to provide a discussion forum such as this one. There will be a way for people to submit a review via a YouTube video or through a post to their own blog and have it included in the list. But, I have no desire to manage & pay for a forum such as this one. My site will simply pick out the best bits of info and announce them and send folks back to the source of the info.

@ ianlee74 - I was talking in general, not a direct answer to your post. I think what you are doing is great. There is nothing wrong in having multiple websites showing the beauty of gadgeteer. As long as they are kept up to date.

the more sites, bolgs and posts on the old intertubes the better :slight_smile:

Ultimately, this is what I want to see :smiley:

fantastic fantastic fan… video
i love what i had seen.
maybe a bit difficult for not nativ speaking but o.k.

the using of the breakpoints (only stop depending on value) don’t work a vs10 express :frowning:

Thanks. Thanks for the heads up. It’s been so long since I’ve actually used the Express edition that these things sneak past me. I considered doing all the videos in Express but unfortunately, I think I would need a separate machine to do this work on since I still need the upgraded version to do my “real” work. Can it be installed side-by-side? I haven’t tried. Do you use the Express version? Maybe the best solution would be to have someone that uses Express all the time help me review and point out these differences.

I am not suppose to say this but vs2012 will be supported in days so if you can hold then try to. It maybe weeks though… We are waiting on something. Just a fyi i guess

it would be an honor to help. I only have two problems… working toooo much and the second vb is my world. Most of c# code I understand but it’s difficult for me.

Uggg… How did I know this would happen :wink:

@ Mike - Did you see the updated video? Does that size text in the notebook work better?

@ ianlee74 - I am at the airport in Tampa, FL returning from a long weekend. I did get a
chance to look at the beginning of the latest video for a few seconds, and the notebook looks great.

seen it on an old 15" notebook, it is very readable

Excellent! That’s the only part I wanted you to look at. I did fix some other things but that’s primarily what I wanted you to look at.

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I just checked it out for the first time, and the notebook is a nice touch. Looks very contemporary, and a far cry from the boring Powerpoint-esque stuff I’m used to seeing.

Thanks. The idea was to give it a “hands on” maker feel.

Two things:

  1. Awesome modules in the video :wink:
  2. A new user of VS is going to be a litle confused by the colors you have in the editor. Even though its a little harder to read to make it seemless for first time users you should use the default color scheme.