Make a Nordic driver and get 50 USD + 250 experience points

Nordic offers low cost RF chips that are rather easy to use. These are mentioned in the book and we already have an old project on the wiki
(link removed)

We have the module on the website right here (see bottom of page)
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The user who provides the best drivers for Nordic will receive a 50 USD coupon plus 250 experience points on this forum. The driver has to be in the form of all other FEZ component drivers. See this for example:
(link removed)
Include an example on how to use the drivers just like we do in all component brochures.

[title]Due Date[/title]
You have until September 1st to provide the drivers.
Send your final driver file to GHI general email with title “Nordic Driver Contest.”

[title]Important Note[/title]
There is already a driver in the project I pointed earlier so we are not looking for a copy of it. We are looking for a complete driver that handle multi-point connections and handle master/slave…etc. If GHI doesn’t think or feel that any of the contributed drivers are up to what is being asked for or what is expected then no one will win and this contest is cancelled.

I think I will let this one pass. I do not have that much experience, but I might try anyway. :slight_smile:
good luck everyone! :dance:

Good work, crew! :clap:

No time for me :frowning:
We are moving the factory in 2 weeks and I will have a lot of work to do during this time…

Good luck to everyone else !

Is this contest for specifically to Nordic Model nrf24L01 only?
There are two other models that’s also available from Nordic,
nRF2401A and nrf24AP1


The code has to work with the Nordic UEXT extension we have on this website. Not only work, it has to be Freakin’ Easy to use, like everything else.

“driver that handles multi-point connections” That would imply I need more than 2 of these to test. As it happens I have enough FEZ units to develop and test. What sort of deal would you do for 3 Nordic units? :wink:

BTW - I am currently developing a similar class for xbees. Might to be a stretch to modify…

Not sure I understand what you mean. This contest is actually really easy since we already have the code. It only needs cleaning up!

I have a couple of the older nRF2401A modules. While these many not qualify for the contest, I am willing to help other members who are competing with some basic testing - if it makes sense.

The A modules do not support Multipoint like the L or L+ modules (Olimex) that the modules on this site use.

Let me know.

Not seeing any takers so I guess I will have to do it myself and cancel the contest :frowning:
Last chance anyone?

I would be in, but I don’t have any RF modules to play with. Sorry guys.


I do want to work on this but do not have the wireless modules nor another FEZ board at the moment.

Can we hold for some time as I plan to procure these ?

Let me know.

I completely forgot that you need to have 2 RF modules and still have 2 devices to test it! So I guess yes this is not a fair contest :frowning:

How about changing conditions then?

What would be very impressive is if someone can create the driver without having the actual devices. That would be an impressive display of Software Eng. Mastery. I think that if they can do that, they deserve 1000 exp points!

I think Raj is already working on this for fun and the contest is cancelled. We will remove the link shortly.

New contest will still come in place soon so stay tuned.

Hey that’s not fair… what if someone comes up with a better driver?

Ah well if the next contest is more intresting; bring it on! Who hoo.

Hey Kurt

I am not competing :), My goal is beyond the driver and would be happy to see someone come up with a driver :slight_smile:

Please feel free to develop and post.

I think Gus cancelled the contest because no one declared participation and that the contest may be unfair to folks who do no have all the modules.

For any contest we need to have a common base to give a fair chance to all participants :slight_smile:


I am very curious about the next contest :o ::slight_smile:

I wonder what it will turn out to be.

Hey btw if someone writes a good driver and wants to submit it as an update to an existning driver (for any component); how does one go about doing that?

We have a “code share” system that is co,ming up in few week (now under development) and with that, anyone can update the code automatically :slight_smile: