Mail from Ross Sheleh

As many of you, I have gotten a mail from GHIs Ross Sheleh, I dont know what the point is, can anyone clarify?

What are you confused about…

The guy is just saying hello.

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He is a full time GHI rep to answer any questions you may have. How great is that?

I thought that was Gary’s job?

Gary is our director of operations, and has been for years. Ross is the new director of business development.

I mentioned we have just hired several new people, Ross is one of them. Why is this surprising to some?!

I think Gus that it’s not a surprise - I think that the email didn’t come across as the “hello, my email inbox is always open for your feedback” that it might have been meant to be, and the original question pointed out that the reason for it arriving wasn’t clear… it wasn’t “who is this guy, why isn’t Gary talking to us”.

for what it is worth… I had no problem with the email.

Maybe the problem here is that we got used to mostly seeing Gary and Gus on the forum.

I will simplify, GHI Electronics has made some major changes and the new Ross offered to lend a helping hand to clarify our new plan and help with new business development. Any questions?


Must resist… :grimacing:


It tossed me for a loop, so I’ll cancel that missing person report for Gary.


I thought the email was good, clear and re-iterated some of the positive changes GHI have been going through…
I think its typical for anyone new to send out a quick-short out of band ping email.
Lets us know whats happening too.

Lets welcome Ross and look forward to whats coming, these changes look positive to me!


Very nice, welcome to the forum Ross, nice to see you here…(despite that I cannot see you…??)

Great to have more people on GHI staff to focus on expanding the business. Congrats!

Business Development != forum time :wink: I’d personally expect that kind of role to be working with the people who are the “real” (aka commercial) users here who use GHI’s kit, not the likes of me who has one or multiples of everything built but who doesn’t do more than tinker (aka forum surfers :slight_smile: )


No need to file a report :slight_smile:, as we grow ,diversify and hire more people, I find the paperwork on my desk getting higher and higher.

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Don’t worry, I told Ross that you were a waste of time!:sunglasses:

I just show up and go to my desk, after all of these years I am still not sure what is going on.

That before or after 3rd lunch? :joy:


Lunch is all day now, I got tired of explaining all of the food on my desk at all times.

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Did Ross get all of @Gary_Beaver lists or is he starting fresh?

Also can we get him to post an image of something?