MADExpo 2012 Call for Speakers

Should’ve thought to post this earlier, but the call for speakers for MADExpo 2012 is open, and NETMF and Gadgeteer stuff is definitely one of the things we’re hoping to see some good sessions submitted on. We’ve already got a couple of session submissions from swestcott, and since it’s right in Architect’s backyard, I’m fully expecting he’ll be on-hand as well.

Gus, of course you and anyone else from GHI would be welcome.

In addition to speaking slots, we are planning to once again have a demo area for all things cool and geeky. Last year, we had Kinect, Surface, a local FIRST robotics team doing demos, plus an entire table full of all of Pete Brown’s geeky toys. Definitely hoping to kick it up a notch this year, so if you have some cool stuff you would like to demo, drop us an email at

I’m on the board for the event, so I can put in a good word for my TinyCLR peeps. :slight_smile:

But don’t wait too long. The call closes mid-March, and we’ve already got a pretty good batch of sessions that have been submitted so far.

Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.