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LYNX from .NET


Hello folks,

We are trying to use a LYNX S4 board , from a .NET WinForms application.

We are using 2013 - R1.. software.

When we try to make a new project with LYNX , only can make a console application.

How can we make a DLL, or use the LYNX dll's from .NET??

thanks in advance.


LYNX is C++ right?
You could create a managed C++ dll, where you make wrappers around the LYNX methods.
This dll you can use like any other .net dll.

Or you use pInvoke to call the dll methods directly.
You can find a lot of information about pInvoke in the internet.


@ rlcobos - FTDI provides managed wrapper that you can use from your .Net application.

I’ve used it in the following example:


Maybe some help?