Lucky 13

The other day I was reviewing some of the activities I’ve been doing this year and realized that tonight marked the 13th time I’ve taught my Hands On Gadgeteer Lab since starting them in March of this year and I have another two scheduled coming up at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue next week.

As I’ve said before it never gets old seeing folks build something which is nontrivial and being amazed that they got it working. Its even more fun when they are folks who have tried arduino as they are even more impressed.

I start every class at 6:30PM and I know we are going right to closing at 9:00PM and beyond for every class as the discussion and questions about Gadgeteer/.NetMF/IoT/etc go until the store has to kick us out as the mall is closed and I will say the guys at the store are really good as tonight for example we didn’t leave until half an hour after the store closed.

Its been a lot of fun and no doubt still lots of sessions to do in the future (I have some sessions to do for local High School Robotics Clubs coming up for example). The IoT/Gadgeteer/Azure class that I teach fills as soon as I announce a session but its a longer class such that Saturdays are the only day I can do it and trying to get a big block of time in the Microsoft Store is hard to do given all the cool product releases that Microsoft has had lately.

I am so looking forward to doing the sessions in Bellevue!!


Isn’t Bellevue a mental hospital in New York? :wink:

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A perfect way to describe the summit!

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I thought that was Arkham? :wink: