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LPC2387 Datecodes / USB host on Panda


According to

LPC2387 chips with date codes after the 36th week of 2008 have the USB host functionality that is listed on their data sheets, while those made before do not.

Panda is not advertised with USB host capability, however the schematic has switchable 15k resistors that are only useful in host mode. The pictures show devices with older date codes.

Will Panda boards be shipping with recent date code devices, or older ones pre-dating the USB host functionality?

(Yes, I realize that the Domino has usb host, however JTAG is apparently a must as I can not use .NET in this application - switching out the CPU on a panda for a more recent one may be simpler than hacking in JTAG)


The Panda was designed to be a low cost board. One of the ways the cost was held down was not putting in the connector for USB host. I believe you could wire in a USB host connector.

GHI will need to give the “official” word on this.


When we designed the firmware, USB host was not available on those chips. In theory, yes you can run USB Host on USBizi100 (FEZ Mini/FEZ Panda) but we haven’t looked into it yet.

It is possible that we will support that in future, which will make everyone love Pandas even more but we can’t make any promises at this point.


Thanks. Can you confirm if they are shipping with post 0836 datecodes?


I can’t confirm but all chips we use are from new orders directly coming from nxp