Lower cost mail option for international clients

I know that and understand your position.

I had only hoped to be able to shop, nevertheless, because a distributor makes such things like duty, taxes and carriage costs for a European easier.
And our first inquiry in the 5/15/2013 was never answered by GHI, unfortunately.

My colleague just writes the order.

@ Lutz1 - Was your email concerning availability?

@ Gary : I will ask her tomorrow morning.

@ Gary : If possible I wanna buy a G400 kit too, so if you can manage some european distributor may be good business. We aren’t the only interested probably.

@ Lutz1 - Let us know, we checked our backed up email messages and didn’t see anything referencing G400 Beta Kits.

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@ dobova - The only issue is we only have a very limited supply of the beta kits remaining. To be fair we would have to allow all distributors to buy them. We will see what we can come up with.

@ Gary - I can imagine that the things are not so easy … otherwise this board will be on normal distribution. :slight_smile:

Anyway thank you.

@ gary : No email on 5/15/2013 , it was a fax :frowning:

I will not publish the company name here, but I think you can see it in my profile.
I will also change my email address in the profile to the companies one.

Order will come today.

I think it only matters how badly you want to participate in this beta… for me to was worth it to pay the extra shipping cost because I was looking forward to a speed increased cwx compatible module for quite some time. I’m still not sure why I didn’t have to pay any import duties to get the beta kit arriving in the UK. I remember on my last two direct orders from GHI which were shipped to France I didn’t have to pay any taxes either but these were both under $50 so I thought I’d be under the limit. I’m curious if anyone else here who ordered directly from GHI to Europe had to pay taxes upon delivery.

The main problem with the import duties is that you have to pay the postal service or courier company money just for collecting the import duty from you, with the fee usually being around £8 / €10 / $12. This is why it’s favorable to have the duty fees payed in advance as to avoid this extra charge which is quite extensive just for collecting money from you. Of course you pay the actual duty on top of that! The first time I ordered from the US (Sparkfun) it was quite a shock to me how expensive that is. Nowadays I try to order most of my stuff from China where they declare the items as gifts or educational (which for me they obviously are since I’m not a professional) with minimum value sent from an individual person so they don’t require additional import duty either.

The only things I nowadays pay duty for upon delivery are kickstarter projects but there I’m very careful to only support projects where I’m absolutely sure they will give me a long term value. All my other electronics I usually get from European retailers, Mouser or China/Asia.

The issue with Fedex for me is the very high handling charges. They may be lower costs on the shipping itself but hit me with $50 brokerage and handling fees for all shipments and that’s on top of the DUTY, TAX and VAT I have to pay. :frowning:

That is why I choose to use my own DHL account. It has worked out to be only $5 more than the Fedex costs I get from your website but the saving of $35 in total is worth it.

I just ordered some more gadgets from GHI and was very pleased to see there are now lower costs shipping options available. $17.80 to ship my order to New Zealand using USPS First Class International Shipping. Now that is much more like it! Thanks GHI. :slight_smile:

Hmm, its still way too expensive to me. Denmark is $45!

Which just doubles the price of the G400 beta kit.

When is the Spider 2 with G400 ready for distributors?

Well, there was no official reply, but, for example, RN171 was released two months ago, and it is still not in Mouser…

G120 and CobraIi didn’t take so long, though.