Low Cost Gadgeteer WiFi Module 2 (IL-G-WROOM02)

The module shown below is an ESP8266 based WiFi module for Gadgeteers from IoT Labs. It will be priced at $14.95(US) each + shipping. Three (3) or more modules will be priced at $12.95(US) each + shipping.

Since the modules come from China and take about a month to get to the US, I’d like to get a rough idea of how many to order. So, If you are interested in a module, please indicate how many modules you would like in a comment. This is not a commitment to buy the module, just my way of judging how many I need to purchase for the initial run.

NOTE 1: The firmware for the module is still in flux and out of my control.
NOTE 2: This module replaces the IL-G-ESP8266 (out of production)

I’d probably order at least one. Any notion of what shipping will likely cost? And would the shipping for three be 3x the shipping for one?

@ devhammer - I don’t know the shipping cost yet, but it will not cost 3x to ship 3. Since it is weight based, it will probably be the same cost as 1.

I’m in for three, and I plan to integrate it into the serialwifi/intelligent-interfaces stack.


Three here. Any chance you can get some with an external antenna?

@ ransomhall - The wroom02 does not have an external antenna option.

Good to know.

I’ve not used serial-based WiFi before…are there any online resources I can take a look at to get up to speed on usage from NETMF/Gadgeteer?


@ devhammer - The website for the Espressif SOC is bbs.espressif.com. But @ mcalsyn has an excellent driver for NETMF already written.

I assume that these modules have 4MB flash, is that enough for the SSL support ?

@ Rajesh - The WROOM02 does have a 4MB (32Mb) flash on it. I think the SSL issue was partially a RAM issue. I have not tested it.

I’ll take a couple.

I’d be interested in 3

How does one improve/differ from the previous one? I still have a couple of those that are unused. :frowning:

I’ll take a couple of these anyway, though.

@ ianlee74 - The main difference is that the WROOM02 module is made by Espressif (manufacturer of the ESP8266 SOC), it has 32Mb flash (vs 4Mb on the previous module), can do OTA firmware upgrades using AT commands and is FCC certified.

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Nice! Sounds like a good upgrade.

couple to Aussie land

put me down for 2 please

Three here as well.

Why do some people want 3? 2 I understand, but what’s the thinking behind 3? Why not 4 then? Why not Zoidberg?

So I just ordered 40 modules from Espressif, so now it’s just a waiting game…