Love to see a port to this

Found this today, love t o see .nermf on this puppy.

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Nice board.

It even has a read to go dev kit also low cost.
Someday when i get more time i have to look into porting more seriously.
Boards like this where companies make so many the cost comes way down and they are loaded with features.
Not to pull the thunder from GHI, but the more modules that are out there doing .netmf can only help the cause.
One big problem i see that i never seen mentioned in the forums is that there are only a handful of companies making .nermf boards. With such a small base it makes people nervous to go .netmf. If just a couple of these companies go out of business the other people depending on them are screwed.

The more variety of .nermf processor modules that are out there will resolve this.

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These boards look great but I stopped looking at them once I discovered that the JTAG pins are not available on the module.

@ jdal - it is extremely unlikely for GHI to go out if business but I agree this is a nice module.

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