Lost treasure of mBedungu tribe

Is my game entry for the contest.

I am flying to Vail in few hours. I’ll try to check the forum when I am not skiing in case there are questions.

Enjoy every 100 levels of it! ;D


And let the competition begin!

The link to the game:

@ Architect - Don’t forget to use the submission form on the website, http://www.outrageouscircuits.com/contest

@ Gary - I did. Is there supposed to be a confirmation e-mail?

@ Architect - I believe so, check your spam box

Found it! Google Inbox “organized” it. ;D

lol, in that case enjoy your vacation!

@ Gary - Thank you! I will!

@ Architect - Nice! I tried it out and I am jealous, the graphics are also awesome!

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Suddenly in the back of my head I hear some voice: “Resistance is futile, you will play this game, you will play…”.

At this level I might as well roll over and die…

(Note to self: don’t you even dare to play this game before entering your own futile attempts)



@ taylorza - Thanks man! I redid these sprites so many times. First had them in full color, but then started running out of flash quickly. Went to 256 palette. And finally to 16 colors. Combined with “short” version of bitmap font, and finally rearranged the pallete so the font uses only 4 colors from the palette and these 4 colors are the first colors in the palette. That way I can use only 2 bits per pixel for font bitmap vs 4 bits for the rest of bitmaps. That also makes switching colors for font less expensive. Only 4 color palette instead of 16.

Thank you for your display library!

I think there is a little bug on level 27. The Box is not falling when I open the door, so the passage remains blocked).

I jumped this level, played until 40 for while. Very good game, congratulations.

That makes me laugh, I had the same issues but with RAM rather than FLASH. To support sprites moving in front of and behind background tiles I needed buffers in RAM causing me to do all kinds of trickery with palletized bit maps etc.

It is a pleasure, I am glad others are finding it useful. I have a number of enhancements that I have implemented to various degrees, but not “finished”. I have 1 bit, 2 bit and 4 bit bitmap support with palettes etc. then there is a template Canvas class which is used to draw on any of the bitmap types, this way I did not have to reimplement the graphics primitives for line drawing, circles etc. for each bitmap type.

I need to tidy up the code and reintegrate it into the library.

@ taylorza: to get rid of the flickering I tried to make a double buffering library that would allow drawing to a (tiny) bitmap that could then be dropped onto the display. The required bitmap size was too large for the available memory to support my Pong-variant, but the technique worked. Unfortunately I didn’t find the time to implement bitmap compression, but I did some research on using a palette combined with LZH/RLE, which looked promising.
It would be nice if you could add something like that to your graphics library.

P.S. In my ball-and-holes maze-game also noticed that two line rectangles miss a pixel in the bottom-right corner. Thanks again for providing the library.

Very Good!

Hi @ Architect,

I just played this fantastic game. It’s great! I love the collors and the object interaction. It reminds me of the Macintosh XOR game I once ported to Windows 3.x under the name MASK. If I ever find the time, I could use your code to see if that game can be ported to the Retro too.

I just encountered the hanging box of level 27 and also couldn’t find a solution. Is there a secret passage other than skipping to level 28?

(No time left to chat… need to solve those other levels…)

Thank you! I will fix the bug once I get back home.

Cool. (In the meanwhile I’m heading towards the later levels, after just breaking my head on level 35…)