LoRa testing on the farm

I am currently babysitting a 50 acre farm in the far north on New Zealand so i thought what better opportunity to test LoRa in a typical New Zealand environment!

I have a send node that consists of the following:

Nano mainboard (STM32F405)
Soldermonkey LIpo power module
LoRaWAN module with a i dont know what it is anteena found in a box
1000mah Lipo

Receive node
MountaineerUSB Mainboard
LoRWAN module with 900mhz Jetsons antenna

The Send Node is set to the lowest possible power mode and sending the current date every 5 seconds to see how far it will transmit without burning a hole in the RF spectrum :slight_smile:

Even set to the lowest power mode i ran out of farm (house is in the middle of the property) and am getting 100% packs at ~400m - 1320 ft

Not too shabby :slight_smile:


Wow, great news. 100% packets
Now can you go farther, can you get 1, 2, 5, 10km?

@ Justin What is that board sitting off to the top of the Send node?

and, let me offer you another cup of coffee. :wink:

the one on the fencepost? That’s just the GHI Extender module. He’s soldered right-angle headers on the edge… but note, he hasn’t connected it to anything, I reckon there’s still a little bit of a secret there to be uncovered… yeah ok probably not, he was just too lazy to remove it; I know I am !!!

@ Justin - Well done. Looks flat and not many trees. Maybe some driving in the area with the GPS tracker on board, and the Lora send module switched would give some really cool data!

Super sweet! Any power consumption stats on the nano/lora combo yet? I realize there are several factors that influence this, but am wondering roughly what size solar panel will keep it going indefinitely (including overnight). I’ve got a air and soil temp/moisture precision agriculture project I would love to move to this hardware.