Looking for a microcontroller based system with LCD in a box

I am looking for something I can programme myself and has an LCD display with touch or buttons and all complete with a housing. I need 8 of them now and 22 more in October. :frowning:

I can design something myself but this penny pinching client wants this cheap and quickly so I have been looking for a suitable ready made unit.

One thing I do need that is part of the package is a good single channel ADC input with ideally 16 bits but could go down to 12 if the ADC input is stable and uni-polar capable. I need the full resolution not half that you get with bi-polar inputs.

Any ideas ???

STM32F429 Discovery? 32F429IDISCOVERY - Discovery kit with STM32F429ZI MCU * New order code STM32F429I-DISC1 (replaces STM32F429I-DISCO) - STMicroelectronics

Bigger LCD, cap. Touch and Arduino connector for the ADC.

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As it happens I discovered the STM32 board today. Not boxed up but I should be able to use it. My only concern is software development and costs. Hopefully the basic GUI stuff will be enough as the commercial offerings are expensive.

Whats the status of netmf for these boards? I heard Justin had something running. Don’t remember details…

EDIT: Just did some memory-digging and realized it was something about ST trying the market forces by providing the NETMF option for their chips. I think Cuno and Mountaineer did some great stuff there, but I have no clue about the current status.

More details: http://www.mountaineer.org/netmf-for-stm32/ and [url]STM32F4-NETMF - Mountaineer boards for Microsoft .NET Micro Framework platform on STM32 F4 series - STMicroelectronics

@ Dave McLaughlin
You can look at what these guys have developed for those LCD STM32 boards. Complete libraries with examples.
Different philosophies as to software development, but both good and solid if you use the standard boards.

STM32F429 Discovery board has a “current” netmf port for it - 4.3 IIRC. Not sure about graphics, but that display uses an spi connection to the display like the ILI9341 (right number?) display that I had working from a GitHub project and talked about here somewhere. It might have been @ .Peter. who tested it?