Look out Rats

My eleven year old decided to make a whizzy rat trap that doesnt kill to help save the native wildlife for his science project.

I made him draw up bits in Autodesk Inventor which he 3d printed and we then slapped it all together with bits from the parts bin.

5v red laser trips the trap which closes the door via a hobby servo and then sends him an email alert.

There will be further pimping :joy:


Fantastic and kudos to both of you!

Nice job. Can’t wait for the next installment :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t trust myself with the Dremel in amongst all those wires - just waiting to have a moment and touch a wire !!

Pity about the McCafe cup - never heard back how my beans were enjoyed (or not) :wink:

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A father is a son’s first hero

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Great project
AND you got time to be together!

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Happy Father’s day Justin. (and to you too Gary and Gus).

EDIT: Btw, what happens if the rat get’s its head caught in the servo operated trap door? Will the rat suffocate and die? You should put a check to determine if the door has cycled all the way closed, and if not then re open.


Happy father’s day to you and all the dads.


Btw you may want to consider some holes for the rat to breathe, just in case the engineer happened to be far away when he gets that notification!
Ooooo and for the pimping part. How about an internal camera to look at the rat while trapped inside :wink:

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Awesome project! There’s definitely no denying that he’s yours either. I’d love to see a pic of him wearing your old motorcycle jacket :slight_smile:

One suggestion I’ll make would be to add a lip at the bottom to support the trap door from being pushed out. If the rat gets his claws on the edge of the pipe he may be able to push outward with a bit of force. Also, a clear tube would really be cool.

And happy belated father’s day to all!


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We missed you Ian. How have you been?

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Doing great. Not a lot of time for playing recently and the downside of working in a secure facility is I can’t access the outside world during the day anymore. Still trying to keep tabs on what’s going on in the FEZ world when I can, though!


Is that secure facility a deep underground bunker?

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I could tell you but… I’d have to FEZ you! :wink: