Longer (1 to 1.5m) cable for Gadgeteer Raptor DisplayN18 module

I am prototyping possible interactions on a smartwatch using the Display N18 module as the watch screen. I am using the Raptor as my mainboard.

For convenience to wear the watch and also be able to move around a little bit, I need the gadgeteer cable connecting the raptor and display N18 to be sufficiently long. I am aware from some of the previous threads that it is possible to use either an extender module or make a longer gadgeteer cables depending on the socket in use.

Does anyone have any suggestion on which approach would work better in this case for the socket type S?

I am aware SPI is unshielded, prone to delay, interference and signal loss over a long distance.

But is there anyway to accomplish a long distance cabling for the display module? I am novice in hardware and cabling, but possibly converting the SPI to shielded cable or using some repeater? or any suggestions?

I currently have a 50cm gadgeteer cable and it seems to work alright with them. I have ordered an extender module and as a first step, plan to test how it works with 2 50cm cables in series.