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Logitech joystick, would these work well?


Hey guys,

Planning on buying a logitech joystick. I would like to have a usb joystick instead of joypad.

I am thinking of buying one of these two:

What I really would like to know, Can I read X Y accurate from this? Not just + and - but really accurate, like +100, -102 etc…



So if the joystick is a standard usb device (which it should be since its logitech) then support for it is supported by the Micro Framework (here’s a guide I found by googling: look @ pg. 105. Notice who the author is)

Once Fez recognizes it, you’re good to go!


I think he wants to know if it’s works or not , before he buy the joystick :stuck_out_tongue:

But I agree , when it was a normal standard joystick it works.


If a joystick works on your windows without windows asking for drivers then it will work on FEZ with out the need for any special drivers.

99.99% of joysticks out there are standard HID joystick and so they will work with no drivers on windows and on FEZ


Thansk guys, ordered the logitech 3d pro for the contest project. should arrive in 2 days :smiley:


Hurry up , only 1 week left :stuck_out_tongue:


No no no ! Do NOT hurry up ! :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, I am already aware that time is a crucial factor.


Hahah, I’m already done with my project, I just need to redo parts of my page, which I could do in like 10 minutes or so.


I have to make documentation, implement the joystick, complete the code (will cut off pieces), and make it all look nice.

I will definitely have to reduce the project… I do not have much time this week… pity… :frowning: