Logger for MFDeploy Output

to debug an application that occasionally hangs I would like to have a logger for the program messages that show up in MFDeploy. I found that there is an API to use the MFDeploy functions but before reinventing the wheel I wanted to ask if someone has done this before and would be so kind to provide the code.

Are you using the command line or the GUI?

From the command line logging the messages is as easy as piping the output to a text file.

Just add

“> filename.txt”

to the line. (without quotes, I had to use quotes because Discuss likes to hijack the ‘>’ symbol for showing quoted text)

Command line arguments and use examples can be found here

Have you tried Using MFDeploy to trace through USB

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Whoops my bad. He’s using a debug plug-in. Not deploying. I don’t think you can activate plugins via the command line tool.

@trent1098s thanks for the advice for the command line option. Up to now I only used the GUI.
I could ping my device from the command line with:“C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft .NET Micro Framework\v4.3\Tools\MFDeploy.exe” Ping /i:USB:EMX_Gadgeteer

but I still could not manage to connect to the device. What is the command to connect?

@scardinale Thank you. I didn’t know of this tool. I will try this too.

Works perfect. Thanks to you and @Peter Kenyon

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