Loading sdk 4.3 program on wrong firmware spider

after loading a program on my spider program with visual studio 2012 after updating to sdk 4.3 , i hadnt updated the firmware of the spider.

now icant contact my spider with tiny booter of booter .

what do i have to do to to get my spider online again ?

Set the small switches to put the slider in loader mode and erase all.

y windows 8 (64)and 7(32) cant find the emx drivers

windows says while installing new drivers for the bootlaoder etc that the drivers are up to date and working butthey dont

usb section unknown devicde. failed to install driver

this is the device manager

yes the drivers found in the ghi elctronics premium 4.2 usb drivers folders
usb2 windwos 7 prof 32 bits

when i use windows 8 i get the ghi bootloader interface device. mf deploy cant connect.

using fez config 011 or 13 the device changes to emx with no driver installed ?

the same happens with windows 7 32 bits mfdeploy let driver bootloader the same, starting fezconfig 013 gives unknown emx device in windows devicemanager

it works with the legacy firmware updater for the spider. so now i can use visual studio 2012 and vb.net.

download at https://www.ghielectronics.com/support/.net-micro-framework

dont use mfdeploy and certainly not the fez config beta with windows 7 or 8.

sorry, fez config beta 013 works fine on Win7, Win8, and Win8.1 for me, so your general statement isn’t universally true.

i can now do usb debugging through the usb dp client module with the new ghi software package 4.2.

but it seems the usb dp client module has lost its capapility to debug through a serial port with the new software. i still can debug serial through a serial usb client module or pure serial module.

but i still can debug over usb on it and in former gadgeteer versions and debug over serial and a cdc in one time.

IF you mean combined CDC functionality and debugging, GHI deprecated support for CDC + Debug in 4.2 because of the support issues. That’s not related to anything other than it’s a support issue generator so to remove that complexity you just add a serial port on COM1 and debug over that.