Load module weird circuitry

Oh man I feel stupid today, I am staring at the [url]https://www.ghielectronics.com/docs/80/load-module[/url] page, and the instructions on how to connect a motor does not make sense, and there is too many wires on the picture for me to make sense of it.

Can anyone draw a schematic with the load module and a motor on it, please… :wall:

@ njbuch -

Well, without drawing a Picture, I’m willing to explain my understanding of it. While I don’t use it to directly control a motor (typically 30hp), I do use many of them to control relay’s that control motors.

The hard part is understanding that they switch the negative, which is backwards to most wiring.

Lets assume your using a 12 v power supply, which has a positive terminal, and a negative terminal.

Take your motor, and connect directly to the power supply, turn it on, and make sure it spins the correct direction. If it doesn’t, reverse the wires.

When you have it spinning the correct direction, disconnect the wire from the negative terminal on the power supply, and connect it to an output of the module, for example the one labeled P1. Then connect a new wire from one of the two Pins marked GND to the negative terminal of the power supply. This WILL NOW TURN THE MOTOR ON & OFF, BUT the motor can cause spikes & damage the system.

To solve that, connect a new wire from the positive terminal of the power supply to the pin marked SRG. Thats all there is.

Now that said, depending on the main board your using, the motor may briefly start on initialization, and I’ve posted information elsewhere on this forum on how to prevent that.


@ michaelb - Thanks, that makes slightly more sense, but what about all those wires on the photo?

EDIT: And can you provide a link to the dangling init-state-solution, please`?

@ njbuch - The extra, and probably confusing wires in the picture, is nothing more than a jumper. In the picture, run the white wire directly to positive, run the blue wire directly to positive, and you have the exact setup I described.

The link to the solution that worked for me for the load module is: