Load a file with a Spider Board and a Ethernet J11D

Good Morning,
I want to open a file (.json) over Ethernet with a Spider board. Moreover, the text of the .json should be displayed on the TE35 Display. The board is already in the Network and has an IP-address.

Is it possible to load the file from a web-service, read the text and display it?


There are several ways to communicate to a server and get a file:

  • Plain TCP or UDP
  • HTTP
  • FTP
  • even Network-Share is possible
    You can find samples for all of them in CodeShare

To display the file on the screen you can use a GUI framework like Glide or Tinkr or you use ‘simple’ console window, where you can also find implementation in CodeShare.

In fact networking in NETMF is very similar to big .NET Framework on Windows.
For HTTP, FTP, you can find server and client implementations for NETMF

thank you for your Response!
I’ve tried some things and now i am able to Show a file from a SD-Card to the TE35-display.

Now i want to access via HTTP to a Server and save this file to the SD-Card.
How can i do this? I’ve found “WebRequest” but it looks like the WebRequest class does not exist in NETMF. Is there an other solution?

edit: I’ve found some new piece of Code. It’s named HttpClient but i can’t use it either. Why can’t i use the System.Net Namespace?