LMODE in v4.2


I have a question regarding LMODE as follows and am hoping someone may have the answer:

We do not have the LMODE pin exposed on our customized board running an EMX. We would like the system to ALWAYS use the USB port for debugging/deploying our .NET application (though we’re ok with using serial for updating tinyCLR/booter etc). We cannot simply tie LMODE high because it’s not exposed to us. In .NETMF 4.1 we could run the following command to, more or less (until the next time we update tinyCLR), permanently override the LMODE pin and force the EMX to use the USB port:

What I would really like to know is, how are we supposed to do the same thing for .NETMF v4.2?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


This was dropped long time ago. Are you using that pin? Maybe add a wire right in the pad on emx? The pad is large enough so it is not very difficult. We still highly recommend updating your design in the future.