Llilum - How to new BSP guide, now with STM32L152 support

A new board support package how-to-guide is published on github now including for an STM32L152 Nucleo, feeling lucky today ?




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[ol]Much higher performance than the interpreted NETMF
Significantly cheaper processors
Significantly lower-power processors[/ol]
Now, this particular Nucleo is quite expensive ($~285), so I can’t recommend it directly, but llilum is likely the future of NETMF.

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@ godefroi - I don’t know where you get your prices from but f.e. at a company around here, the stm32l152 nucleo is about 16 euros :think:

About S$16 here (Singapore dollar)


@ Dave McLaughlin - Links to where these are available cheap would really nice guys.

Mouser and C$


I think Godefroi was referring to the ST Eval board. That is expensive $$$ but the Nucleo board is about $10 US

Like Rajesh said, he might be referring to the dev boards. For the processors:


The cheapest dev board is listed here along with the expensive ones.


Yeah, sorry, I was talking about the eval board. The Nucleo itself is very cheap, and the MCUs are available at ~$6 in ones from Digi-Key, which makes them something like 1/3 the cost of what’s on (f.e.) the G80.