LIVE: Fez Spider sending data to Azure

Trying my demo on Azure right now for a few hours. Using a Fez Spider and JD11 Ethernet, SignalR and Web API 2:

You can see it in action here:

Update: Runs on a free Azure site :slight_smile: And until the batteries run out.


That’s cool AWS, what does your POST code look like to your WebAPI. I saw you over on my thread about posting.

I am pushing data to Table Storage as that will be much cheaper than Azure SQL. Looking into Service bus, but too complicated at the moment.


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Several Codeshare articles exist that post to azure. The link below uses uCloudy ( ) to post to a table via Mobile Services.

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@ terrence - It’s not even a post :slight_smile: It’s a simple get-request to Web-API and Web-API is calling the SignalR hub.

Will post the complete code in a few hours. On my way to work now.

Are you implementing the SignalR Hub on netmf or using some other web service (eg Azure based) to do this heavy lifting? Looking forward to taking a peek at you code.

@ Jason -

No heavy lifting :slight_smile: I have uploaded the code to GitHub and will create a code-share now.