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So I’ve got my Spider kit yesterday and it’s a great fun. Very nice to toy with! In a near future, I want to built a simple rover… no bling bling… A few sensor maybe, but that’s about it. I’ve gathered a few of the pieces I think I would need. Since I’m a newbie, I would like your advise on it, or if I need to buy something else, some important pieces I might have missed, and such…

So here we go:
NET Gadgeteer XBee Adapter Module (GHI)

Bluetooth BLE Link Bee

.NET Gadgeteer Motor Driver L298 Module (GHI)

2WD Beginner Robot Chassis V2

5000mAH USB Flat Backup Battery

The .NET Xbee Adaptor + BLE is to control the rover over BLE using my WP (Nokia 930)
I also add a battery pack to power the Spider + Gadgeteer attached. And the motor of the chassis have it’s own power pack.

I went with BLE, but I’m open to ideas. Better over WiFi ? Maybe RF ?

Thanks you all.

Best regards.


@ Elezium - Having done both wired networking and BL (not LE in my case, just the GHI BT module, which acts as a simple serial port), I’d go BL. Once you’ve got it set up it’s very simple to use. WiFi isn’t hard, but I think BT can be easier.

Haven’t tried RF, but AFAIK, that wouldn’t work with your phone.