Links not working

The links to the PINOUTS on the SITcore page do not work.

PS. Will you be offering 3D STEP models of the new modules as I see you appear to be using Altium Designer, judging from the dev board image I saw on the website. :smile:

Yes altium and we can provide 3D files.

We are aware of the bad link but thanks for pointing them out. This is what happens rushing things before Christians. We will be fixing later in the week.

Altium FTW… Sitcore FTW…

We’ve just added the latest updates to the pinout tables – no changes in pin assignments, just to color coding.

Please let us know if anything doesn’t look right, thanks.

Can we get some clarification as on this page, it states that the SC20260B is the replacement for the G120.

But on this page, it refers to the SC20260N. Which is it?

When will the road map be available so that we know when the modules will be ready so that it will be possible to start designing with them and make purchases of parts.

Looks like “B” is the “System on Chip” (265 Ball BGA), “N” is the Module (91 pin)…

… Dave needs a board!!

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The correct part number is SCM20260N. We will share the roadmap when ready.

@Joel_Riley looks like we need to review all pages for correct part numbers

The documentation page on the recent TinyCLR2.0 newsletter has nothing in it. :wink:

It is working for me! And now has the corrected party numbers and all pinouts you have been asking for.

This is what I see even on a different PC. The other links at the bottom of the newsletter are working.

I see the same as Dave.

Oh I see what you mean. You need to click one of the items on the top menu.

We are in the process of adding them in the body of that page to eliminate confusion.