License of examples in the Code area

I hate to be dense, but after looking around it is not clear to me if there is an overall license of use covering the examples published in the area or if I need to contact the specific author for use terms.

I understand the license terms of the SDK and the tutorials and such. Do the contributed examples fall in the same category?

Does anyone have a better idea of this or a document or similar where I can find more info?


Hm, good point. For all Skewworks code feel free to assume Apache 2 licensing.

This is on the to do list where we add an option for contributors to select a license. Should be happening soon

Thanks for the replies. So I guess the current situation is to contact the author of the example I am interested on.

By the way, thanks, Skewworks.

The license choice upon submission sounds like a great feature since sometimes the contributors won’t really have that in mind when publishing and it can complicate matters later on.