Library - Ini File Settings Utility

[title]Ini File Settings Utility[/title]
This project demonstrates a utility called IniSettings that will read and write an “ini” configuration file.

The utility allows you to:

  • LoadSettings from SD card
  • SaveSettings to SD card
  • GetSettingValue
  • SetSettingValue
  • DeleteSection
  • DeleteSetting
  • Iterate through the setting collection using a foreach loop.

The Zip file contains a demonstration project for the Cobra board.
The project can be easily modified to use on a Panda II or other NETMF board.

Release Notes:
[Version 1.0 - 02/17/2012]

  • Tested on Cobra Firmware version

I tried to use this but I am seeing an error with ISettingsProvider in the IniSettings class.

Which reference is this located in?

This seems to be a common issue when SDK’s change.

I found the necessary files in the directory structure but I get a lot of ambiguous errors.

Error 1 The call is ambiguous between the following methods or properties: ‘JDI.Storage.IniSettings.Clear()’ and ‘JDI.Storage.IniSettings.Clear()’ \JDI\Storage\IniSettings.cs

Dave - What version are you on?

4.3 with 2015 SDK.

Hi Dave - I installed VS2013 and the latest NETMF and GHI SDK. I changed a few references in the project, and was able to build it successfully.
Next I need to update the firmware on my Cobra 1, and give it a try.
Sorry it’s taking me so long, but things are hectic around here and I have very little spare time!