Library - Gadgeteer Touch Keyboard

[title]Gadgeteer Touch Keyboard[/title]
Had to build this so that the Gadgeteer WiFi Scanner could accept passphrase input for WAP authentication.
Provides on-screen keyboard and “All Done” event source from “Enter” key
Single-line buffer for now.

Button images are in the attached zipfile. You’ll need to import them into the project image resources.

NOTE: be patient with the buttons; events are slow to fire on the Spider…

Update 2012-03-03: I figured out what I’d done wrong.
With 26 apha, 10 numeric, 32 special and 5 “control” keys all registered for “TouchDown” and “TouchUp” events, the display dispatcher thread was juuuust a bit overworked.
Luckily, Gadgeteer WPF allows me to derive the actual element that received the touch action and so I need only register the main screen element (kbd_main) for touch events, then use the GetPointerTarget method to gain access to the event originator. It’s quite a bit faster, but not nearly as zippy as Glide.