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Library - Electronic switch by voltage from IR Light Barrier


[title]Electronic switch by voltage from IR Light Barrier[/title]
This class reads in a digital value of a connected voltage. If the input voltage is high (3V - 30.3V), a 0 is read at the input of the extender module. This is caused by a circuit to galvanicly separate the external voltage from the extender voltage.

I used Velleman’s IR Light Barrier as the source. Normally the output is a zoomer, but I took the output signal instead an connected it indirectly to the extender module.

The advantage of this mix of hard- and software is that you can simulate a switch by a power source.

In the attachment you’ll find:

  • ObstacleSensor.cs
  • Electrical wire scheme of the circuit to the extender module


Nice one. But what are the uses of this. How this can be used for special purposes.


Your post is really good. I am also interested to know where it can be used and how efficiently can it be used.


Cool! What range does this sensor have?