Library - Console Class

[title]Console Class[/title]
Ever wished for quick and easy way to output something on the embedded display? Wish no more! With this library you just type:

Console.WriteLine(“Freakin’ Easy!”);

Tested on ChipworkX.

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Hi Architect,
Cool library, i was wondering if you have a similar one for the TF35 Display used on Spider and Hydra?

just checking if you already have it before i spend time recreating it…

thanks for sharing.


I was thinking about it, but didn’t do it yet. I can add one, may be even later tonight.

+1 on a gadgeteer friendly version

Consider it is done! ;D

Thanks a lot,

much, much appreciate it…


It is done :slight_smile:
I wrote it a month ago :slight_smile:

Its a DisplayHandler

Looks like Weiti got it covered ;D